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New Online IRS Services for Taxpayers

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The IRS recently announced two new online services that will allow more convenient interaction and better access to information for taxpayers. The first service allows online payment of IRS balances including individual estimated payments and balance due with income tax returns. This new method supplements the “Official Payments” website and has the advantage of allowing payments from savings and checking accounts without any fees. The Official Payments website allows the use of credit and debit cards, however these payments require a nearly 3% convenience fee to process. At the current time the ability to schedule future payments doesn’t exist so if you wish to use the service for estimated payments you’ll need to remind yourself to pay before each individual due date.The other new service allows taxpayers online access to the electronic records and transcripts that the IRS uses to perform income matching with your filed return. Additionally, you may now access your full account transcript information that show tax assessments, payments, and credits. This is especially helpful in situations where IRS notices or amended returns make it difficult to track the exact amount due or overpaid. Both of these services were only available previously through qualified tax professionals or by phone request directly to the IRS.

The above new services both require a short registration process which involves identity verification questions to prevent fraudulent inquiries.

The link to make payments to the IRS isĀ

The web address for account and transcript information can be found hereĀ

DougNew Online IRS Services for Taxpayers